Thursday, August 27, 2015

Real Time Traffic Control using Image Processing #ijsrd

Real Time Traffic Control using Image Processing


Rahul Rane , Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology
S.P.Khachane, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
Sayali Pathak, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
Aruta Oak, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology


Traffic control, image processing, edge detection, background subtraction


The Idea behind real time traffic control using image processing is due to increase in number of vehicles on road which causes traffic congestion. There are various successful techniques to overcome this problem such as inductive loop detectors, magnetic loop detectors and video based system. We propose a system based on measurement of vehicle density on road using Real Time Image Processing. To control the congestion in traffic signal intelligently by using density information in this paper we are presenting the algorithm with the help of which the congestion in traffic can easily retrieved. The image sequences from camera are analyzed using edge detection and counting methods. Subsequently the number of vehicles at intersection is evaluated due to which traffic can easily be managed moreover determined vehicle density can easily be compared with other direction of traffic in order to control traffic signals efficiently.[1]

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